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Tag: Transmission Repair service

When Should You Visit a Transmission Repair Specialist

Most people drive their car every day but still don't know how it works. Sometimes drivers even ignore the obvious problems with their vehicles, hoping they'll go away on their own or it's nothing serious. Only when the car stops working do they frantically look for a mechanic! Vehicle transmission problems can cause serious problems on the road if not treated quickly.

In layman's terms, a transmission transfers the power generated by the engine to the drivetrain and wheels: it can be manual (like a gearshift) or automatic. Check out here the symptoms of transmission problems and how to know when it's time to see a transmission repair specialist.

– Since the job of the transmission is to keep the car moving by shifting gears, it makes sense that all gearshift problems stem from the transmission. Symptoms may include an unusual sound the transmission makes when shifting gears, or if you drive with a stick, the transmission may not slide smoothly between gears.

– The car makes a sudden movement or the engine starts at the wrong time. A jolt may indicate engine power is not being transmitted smoothly when shifting gears.

– Leaking transmission oil. Transmission oil serves as a lubricant for all moving parts in your vehicle's transmission. Just as an engine won't run well without oil, a transmission won't run well without fluid. Gear oil is usually reddish in color. So if you see something on the ground under your chassis, get help right away before a costly disaster strikes.

– The car doesn't move. If your car starts fine but refuses to move, the problem may be in the transmission. You have to take it to the shop where the mechanic can tell you what to do next.

All drivers should be aware of how their vehicle works and the symptoms of certain problems. If you suspect your transmission is faulty, take it to a mechanic: that doesn't mean it should be replaced. The problem may be minor, But one thing is for sure: the transfer doesn't fix itself!