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Fatigue management strategies to minimize shift workers fatigue

management course fatigue

Increased levels of sleepiness and fatigue are some of the biggest challenges associated with shiftwork. Ideally, employers cannot practically manage all the aspects of the shiftwork place. Still, if they choose to implement some strategies, they can undoubtedly deal with some common issues, including absenteeism, turnover, etc. Often sleepy and fatigued employees are sick, make more mistakes, and are less motivated to do the work. These factors not only increase the stress levels but also work for the employer.

Some of the strategies to reduce shift worker’s fatigue:

  • Educate the employees- Professionals who offer fatigue management course suggest that one of the best investments an organization can make is educating their employees on how to sleep better and manage their diet. It doesn't cost much to inform your employees.
  • Sleep disorders screening- The most common things that cause sleep deprivation is sleep disorders. Screening makes sure that diagnosis and treatment are provided at the right time to the employees who need it. Besides reducing fatigue and sleepiness, screening also helps in reducing health and benefit costs, as if the sleep disorder isn't diagnosed, it can lead to chronic conditions, including diabetes.
  • Adequate staffing- If you fail to have sufficient staffing, it can contribute to increased fatigue and stress.

Thus, when you implement all these strategies, you can quickly deal with absenteeism and turnover issues. Above all, you will be able to sleep better and have more energy to handle your work. 

How Fatigue Increase Work Risk?

management course advanced fatigue

One may not pay much attention to fatigue but it has many risks in the workplace, especially in a business that possesses heavy vehicles. Fatigue can wreak havoc and cause many problems for the business. So, if your drivers and employees are facing fatigue issues, your company can become exposed to the following risks:- 

Accidents in Workplace – In heavy vehicle companies, there’s a lot of loading and unloading of goods. Imagine a tired employee is handling this risky job. They could cause damage worth thousands of dollars and your company will be the one responsible for this damage. 

Accidents on Road – fatigued drivers driving on the road is one of the riskiest things in the world. Trucks and busses are huge vehicles, and any accident caused by them can result in a lot of damage, and in the worst-case scenario, loss of life. Watch out for this major risk. 

Lawsuits – If your employees are causing accidents and damages during their working hours, you become liable for lawsuits. This would make your insurance premiums go up or even make you go bankrupt. Therefore, you have to protect yourself from lawsuits by dealing with fatigue beforehand. 

Government Crackdown – Many countries require heavy vehicle operators and workers in the industry to get fatigue management training and certification. If your employees don’t get this, the local government can put heavy fines on your business. 

Protect your business from risks. Get yourself and your employees an advanced fatigue management course today!